Saturday, July 31, 2010

dj update

I added native dependency support. The implementation sets the java.library.path during runtime and not at commandline. This means no forking at startup and a net decrease in start up time. More importantly, the work I did should help make it easier to dynamically load native libraries during runtime. Just using System/load doesn't seem to work with penumbra, which is why I opted for the implementation specific solution at the moment. So the one caveat is this probably only works under sun's (oracle's) jvm.

Anyways, short tutorial:

cd ~/dj/usr/src/
git clone (penumbra git url)
dj repl penumbra

NOTE: I had to edit the sources of penumbra for the current master because there were some namespace conflicts. I'll leave it up to the viewers to figure it out at the moment.

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